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DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus CPAP


The DeVilbiss Blue AutoPlus CPAP device provides comfort and reliability. Designed with smart therapy management and intelligent detection in mind, AutoPlus reports and differentiates between events such as hypopneas, obstructive (OSA) and central apneic events, simple snoring, leaks, breathing patterns and RERAs. Compared to other CPAP devices on the market, this model is capable of detecting more events and responding with unprecedented accuracy.



 DeVilbiss Blue AutPlus CPAP

The DeVilbiss Blue AutoPlus CPAP device comes packed for comfort and performance! This auto device for sleep apnea treatment boasts advanced event detection responding to events throughout the night, ensuring the best possible sleep. At the core of the DeVilbiss Blue Auto is an algorithm tweaked for improved sensitivity to a full spectrum of respiratory events. This CPAP accurately detects important data and provides unrivaled accuracy, while providing a comfortable experience to the patient. AutoPlus is designed to detect and report obstructive apnea (OSA) events while differentiating them from more complex scenarios such as central apnea and mixed disease.

The AutoPlus comes with advanced features such as SmartFlex and Flow Rounding for maximum patient compliance.  It’s state-of-the-art humidification system utilizes the patented PulseDose technology for unrivaled user comfort.

Connectivity wise, the DeVilbiss Blue AutoPlus comes with 7 different features designed to help you connect to the CPAP device at any time during your therapy. Now your doctor can remotely evaluate and change your device’s pressure settings while keeping an eye on your therapy. What’s more, you can monitor your blood oxygen levels with the integrated Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter!

Last but not least, this advanced CPAP machine comes with SmartCode and SmartCode Rx functions for optimum therapy management without the need for a modem or an internet connection.



  • Advanced event detection and reporting
  • Automatic altitude compensation to 3000m
  • Maintenance free
  • Airline transport approved
  • Supports 19 languages
  • PulseDose Humidifier (sold separately)
  • MaskFit check
  • A variety of tubing options available
  • SmartCode compliance encoding
  • SmartCode Rx for remote prescription changes
  • Built in compliance memory
  • Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter for monitoring SpO2
  • Bluetooth wireless modem
  • DC operation (including humidifier)

Performance, Comfort, and Connectivity 


Connect your DeVilbiss Blue device to a smartphone or a tablet using Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Drive DeVilbissBLUE StandardPlus and AutoPlus;
  • Allows you to connect and use additional Hardware;
  • Supports Apps for Android and iOS;
  • Establishes remote connection with PC.


SmartLink Therapy Management Software

  • Built-in Report Editor allowing for customized reports;
  • 7 detailed reports available – Patient, Nightly, Summary, Monthly, SmartCode, High Resolution, Oximetry;
  • Easy Database management;
  • Easy export of sleep apnea therapy reports in different file formats (PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text, Image, XPS, SQL);
  • High Resolution Data Viewer;
  • Integrated Software Remote;
  • Intuitive Dashboard.


SmartCode RX

  • SmartCode technology provides insightful data used to determine a patient’s compliance and monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy;
  • No data card or modem required.


2 year warranty

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

SKU / Product code rangeDV64E-UK
Dimensions (LxWxH)9.4 cm (3.7″) x 15.5 cm (6.1″) x 15 cm
Pressure Range3 – 20 cmH2O
Maximum Power Consumption65 Watts
Average w/wo Humidifier25 Watts / 10 Watts
Electrical requirements100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz
Weight w/wo Humidifier1.75 kg (3.8 lb) / 0.9 kg (1.93 lb)
Distant monitoringYes
Sound Level26 dBA
Altitude (–) 430 m up to 2900 m
Pressure4-20 cmH2O
Weight1.2 kg
Power Supply TypeInternal – No Brick
DC Option12V DC


User guide



Q. Why is DeVilbiss Blue Auto considered a “CPAP for comfort”? 
A. The device is specifically engineered to focus on patient comfort and patient compliance. Features such as the SmartFlex, FlowRounding, and PulseDose increase patient comfort during sleep apnea therapy. And, this specific model is also maintenance free, which as another great plus.

Q. Is the DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus noisy at night?
A. No, in fact, the device has the same noise levels as other premium CPAP machines on the market, such as ResMed’s — 26 dB.

Q. Does DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus come with a mask?

A. No, CPAP masks are sold seperately .

Q. Does  DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus come with a humidifier?

A. The humidifier for DeVilbiss Auto Plus is an optional accessory that is sold separately.

Q. Does Devilbiss Blue auto Plus support other languages than English?
A. Yes, this model supports a total of 19 different languages in its user interface.


Q. Is ResMed AirSense CPAP noisy?

A. Yes. This CPAP model is specifically engineered to provide noise-free operation while you sleep. The noise level is 26dB, which very low.

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