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ResMed AirMini Setup Pack


This AirMini setup pack includes:

  • Tubing for use with the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP machine
  • Resmed mask of your choice

Thе tube is designed lightweight and flexible–the perfect addition to the bestselling AirMini Portable CPAP.

The tubes are specific to the Resmed mask model you are using with your Resmed Airmini CPAP machine.

Compatible masks:

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This is the original setup pack including a Resmed Airmini Tubing and a compatible Resmed Mask of your choice.

How to clean your CPAP tube?

— Daily:

Disconnect the tubing from your CPAP or BIPAP. Store it in a clean, dry area after each use.

— Weekly:

  • Disconnect the tubing from your sleep apnea therapy device. Disconnect the mask as well;
  • Use a mild detergent with warm water and run the mixture through the tubing;
  • After the wash, make sure to thoroughly rinse the tubing;
  • Hang the tube in a clean, dry area to dry. Do not place in direct sunlight.