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87 COVID-19 Symptoms According to US Searchers

87 COVID-19 Symptoms According to US Searchers

Who made the coronavirus vaccine? How many people died of Coronavirus today? Why is it called coronavirus? Did Dolly Parton fund Moderna’s vaccine? All of these are actual questions US searchers have been asking every day, according to official Google Search dataset.

Along the most popular searches are more than 400 symptoms, signs and conditions related to the global Coronavirus pandemic.


Oxygen concentrators rising trend
‘Oxygen concentrators’ trend data obtained via Google Trends


Until now, we’ve seen a rather significant rise of queries related to oxygen therapy and specifically “home oxygen therapy” carried out with an oxygen concentrator device. These are machines that create pure oxygen out of the surrounding air and delivering it to a user / patient with respiratory problems, including COVID-caused pneumonia.



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When we go deeper into the coronavirus symptom dataset, there emerge a total of 87 most frequently searched coronavirus symptoms by US searchers. These searches, as recorded by the Google database, cannot be interpreted as representing medically confirmed symptoms caused by the virus. Nevertheless, this data provides an idea of both the distribution and search frequency of symptoms, signs and conditions amidst a raging pandemic — especially when we look into the rising trends of some of the most frequently reported confirmed coronavirus symptoms, such as cough, fever and common cold.
COVID-19 Symptoms Search Trends
Dataset excerpt from


Here is the full list of 87 most searched symptoms and conditions from 2018 to the present day.

Abdominal obesityHypertension
Abdominal painHypotension
ArthritisIron deficiency
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorderKidney failure
Autoimmune diseaseKidney stone
Back painKnee Pain
BleedingLow back pain
BloatingMajor depressive disorder
Bone fractureMigraine
BruiseMyocardial infarction
BurnNasal congestion
Chest painNeck pain
Common coldObesity
CrampPanic attack
EpilepsySkin condition
Erectile dysfunctionSkin rash
FatigueSkin ulcer
FeverSleep disorder
FlatulenceSore throat
Gastroesophageal reflux diseaseStroke
Hair lossSwelling
Hay feverType 2 diabetes
HeadacheUrinary incontinence
Heart arrhythmiaUrinary tract infection
HeartburnVaginal discharge
HyperglycemiaWeight gain


Further research of the currently trending coronavirus topics lead us to another breaking trend – Dolly Parton’s April donation of $1 million to coronavirus research at Vanderbilt University, which, ultimately, helped fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. The newly announced vaccine became the second COVID-19 vaccine with a strikingly high success rate, according to announced data.¬†According to Moderna, it’s vaccine is 94.5% effective against the infamous virus.


Example of oxygen concentrators


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