Can You Buy an Oxygen Concentrator On Amazon (1)

Can You Buy an Oxygen Concentrator On Amazon?

If you have been prescribed home oxygen therapy and need to buy a home oxygen machine (oxygen concentrator), than you’ll face a wide variety of models and even a wider variety of prices. The market for medical grade O2 devices is really big, and there are a lot of Amazon sellers out there with seemingly lucrative offers.

Today we will provide a short review answering the question if you can buy an oxygen concentrator on Amazon and whether it is a good idea to do so.

Can you find oxygen concentrators for sale on Amazon?

The bestselling products on the platform, though, do not include oxygen therapy units as they are generally not allowed on the merchant platform due to restrictive rules regarding medical devices.

But in theory, and you search extensively in the darkest corners of the marketplace, you can find O2 machines (or at least replacement parts for such) for sale.

But things are not as simple as that.

Why buying an Amazon oxygen concentrator is not such a good idea

Searching for home oxygen machines on Amazon presents a significant risk mainly due to the following reasons:

  • The majority of O2 sellers are not reputable;
  • The items may be refurbished and not safe for use;
  • The items are low quality (most often made in China) and not certified as a medical grade device;
  • The prices are overblown in most cases;
  • Warranty is non-existent in most cases;
  • Returning the concentrator may not be allowed by the seller.

Simply put, you cannot buy a quality oxygen machine on Amazon, and even if you purchase one from a seller, the price you pay for it would be double and sometimes even three times the cost of a brand new oxygen concentrator from a certified medical retailer.


Can You Buy an Oxygen Concentrator On Amazon?

Oxygen concentrators on Amazon is against the marketplace’s regulations

In other words, sellers are not allowed to list items that require a prescription. And o2 machines are definitely such items, as they are prescribed to patients with serious health problems such as COPD and other respiratory (lung) conditions.

Can you buy a portable oxygen concentrator listed on Amazon?

No. The same goes for portable oxygen concentrators — and not only on Amazaon but on Ebay, too. Sellers on Amazon can’t sell medical grade portable or home oxygen concentrators because they are by default not allowed to list anything that requires a prescription.

There is a risk in ordering such a device as the seller simply cannot prove — let alone guarantee — that the concentrator even works. There’s also no guarantee that the item you purchased fulfills the oxygen flow and purity specifications presented in the Amazon listing.

Then where can I purchase a medical grade oxygen machine from?

If you have a medical condition and have been prescribed home oxygen therapy, your best (and safe) option is to do it the standard, traditional way — purchase it from a licensed oxygen concentrator distributor instead of browsing the Amazon marketplace in an effort to buy one there. It is simply not worth the risk and headache to the latter and many doctors will actually give you the same advice.

How to choose a reputable seller?

Our professional advice regarding that question is: trust a certified oxygen concentrator retailer that will assist you in choosing the best portable or stationary concentrator for your particular doctor’s prescription and therapy needs. You simply cannot go wrong with that. And, you won’t be paying triple the price by going to search on Amazon.

How about the deals on Amazon and Ebay?

Many of the oxygen concentrators on Amazon are always on sale because their sellers know they are in direct violation of Amazon terms of service and so they try to sell their items as fast as possible before they are removed from the marketplace.

It’s highly recommended to avoid what might be looking like a great deal on Ebay or Amazon as in 99% of the cases it is not. Purchasing a medical device from a marketplace may worsen your condition if you buy something that is NOT suitable for your prescribed therapy! – CPAPEUROPA

Can you buy an oxygen concentrator with Amazon Prime?

The bestselling Amazon items are usually covered by the Prime program, but in most cases this is not possible with oxygen concentrators as they are normally prohibited from sale. Even if you find one, it would be a short-term “deal” because it would eventually get on the Amazon staff’s radar and they will responsibly take it down.

How to choose the right oxygen concentrator?

Always go with certified medical retailers that offer brand new concentrators from leading oxygen therapy brands such as Krober, Philips, and DeVilbiss. No matter what brand you choose, the important thing is to get a concentrator with the right oxygen flow per minute and oxygen purity. If you intend to use it for yourself or a patient receiving therapy at home, then your best option is purchasing a stationary model because it will be cheaper than a portable one. However, if you intend to travel while on oxygen therapy, then a mobile O2 concentrator is the best choice.

How to know which portable oxygen concentrator is right for you?

At CPAPEUROPA our mission is to help you find the right home oxygen machine for your specific prescription and personal needs. Whether it is a stationary model or ultra compact portable oxygen device you are looking for, we will do whatever we can to assist you find the perfect solution for your needs.

First and foremost, you need to learn what type of therapy you have been prescribed – a continuous flow machine or a pulse dose one before placing an order–be it on Amazon (bad choice) or from a licensed medical distributor of O2 units.



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And that’s hardly surprising considering the number of people that visit the platform every month — the staggering 4.9 billion monthly visitors (may 2020 statistics) looking for everything between cat foot, e-books, movies and clothes to medical grade devices, including oxygen concentrators.

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