Portable Oxygen Concentrators Sunderland

Portable Oxygen Concentrators Sunderland

CPAPEUROPA is a leading provider of portable oxygen concentrators for sleep apnea patients and travellers in the Sunderland area. We carry a wide selection of portable oxygen concentrators manufactured by leading global brands such as Kröber, Inogen and AirSep.

Our portable oxygen therapy products are available to be shipped to all areas of Sunderland. We cover the areas including Farrington, Barnes, Hylton Castle, Seaburn, Grindon, Pennywell, Pallion, Red House, Springwell, Carey Hill, Thorney Close and Witherwack.

Portable oxygen concentrators have become the latest, reliable technology for effective oxygen therapy. They are ideal for patients in need of a compact and lightweight portable oxygen solution that they can travel with. Also known as mobile concentrators, portable oxygen machines come in a variety of sises, weight , battery life and oxygen flow rate. See our products page here to browse through our solutions.

Portable oxygen concentrators Sunderland information

Where to get Oxygen Therapy Equipment in Sunderland, UK?

If you are looking where to buy a new portable concentrator in Sunderland, United Kingdom, then you have come to the right place. Browse our catalogue of oxygen therapy solutions and if you have any questions regarding the best solution for your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Oxygen Assistants. They will help you choose the best portable concentrator for your therapy.

Please contact our Oxygen Therapy Assistants at +44 783 9179665 for your Sunderland oxygen inquiries.

CPAPEUROPA services all of the Sunderland zip codes, including:

NE36 0AW, SR1, SR1 1AE, SR1 1AF, SR1 1BA, SR1 1BB, SR1 1BH, SR1 1BL, SR1 1BN, SR1, SR1 1BW, SR1 1DP, SR1 1DX, SR1 1EA, SR1 1EB, SR1 1XS, SR1 2AQ

Activities and Attractions to do in Sunderland

Sunderland is a popular tourist attraction with offering a wide range of things to do and places to visit. From specialty museums, galleries and nature parks to landmarks, beach spots and places to eat and drink.

With a tourist-friendly city centre packed with museums, shops and open spaces, Sunderland is a great place to find something interesting to do for taste and budget. There are over 3500 parking spaces and easy-to-access public transport links.

The city centre offers a variety of attractions like the Bowes Railway, the Empire Cinema, the Mowbray Park, the Sculpture Trail and of course the Sunderland Empire Theatre – the biggest theatre in the North East.

Another great idea is visiting the Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden, boasting a collection dating back to 1846. While there, be sure to pay a visit to Wallace the Lion – one of most popular exhibits there. The Winter Gardens are another must-see place – a tropical paradise with thousands of plants thriving in a glass rotunda.

While in the city centre, you can also pay a visit to historic core of Sunderland – the Sunnyside are, once the business centre of the shipbuilding industry in the United Kingdom.

As for food and drink, Sunderland offers a wide selection of cozy restaurants, bars and nightlife located in the beautiful city centre as well as on the outskirts and along the coast.

Speaking of the beach, not only is the Sunderland beach area a great place to walks around and sight see, but you can also find many good places to have a cup of coffee or grab a classic fish and chip meal with your friends or family. You can take a long, relaxing walk along Roker Beach and eat by the seaside,

After grabbing those fish and chisps, you can stroll along the beach and visit St Peter’s Church – one of the UK’s first stone churches dating back to the 7th century! After that you can have a look at the National Glass Theatre just across the church.

More about Sunderland

Sunderland transportation

Here’s how you can get around in Sunderland:



You can get to Sunderland from the Newcastle Airport by taking a 55-minute ride with the Metro. The trains connect serve the airport every 12 to 15 minutes.


Sunderand is served by the Tyne and Wear Metro, covering Millfield, Seaburn and Pallion raliway stations. The tickets cost £5 for a daily.

National rail

Sunderland station offers 5 direct trains to London on weekdays.


There are 4 main roads that connect with the Sunderland city centre, including the A1231 which starts in the centre.


The Park Lane bus station has been operating in Sunderland since 2002 and is the busiest bus station in the UK, second only to London’s. You can take buses to Doxford Park, South Helton and south Shields. Coaches to Sunderland are available in Glasgow, Hull, London Victoria, Blackpool, Plymouth and many more destinations all around the United Kingdom.