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Electric Suction Pump AEROsuc HUM


Electric Suction Pump AEROsuc HUM is a medical electrically-driven suction pump designed for use both in medical institutions and for home care. This type of suction pumps easily removes secretions and fluids from the respiratory tract as well as any present infection material on wounds.

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Electric Suction Pump AEROsuc HUM

Does not include a battery.

Check out AEROsuc HUM + Battery here.


  • High-performance
  • Sanitarily safe
  • User-friendly.

Full list of features

Enhanced mobility for the user

  • Portable leightweights (2.4 and respectively 2.6 kg)
  • Battery-supplied operation (Easy Home 2)
  • Convenient transport with handle or in storage bag

Reliable and High-performance and smooth operation

  • Maintenance free piston pump
  • Durable compessor
  • Max. vacuum 0.7 bar (530 mmHg)
  • High flow capacity: > 20 l/min
  • Low sound level: 55 dB +/- 5%
  • Approx. 50 min. accumulator running time


  • Suction in oral cavity and pharyngeal zone
  • Suction of infectious ichors

Suction jar with overflow protector

  • 1000 ml capacity
  • Filling level (100 ml steps)
  • Lockable opening in lid for quick emptying and sample taking
  • Patient connection lockable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Multiple use, single patient
  • Suction filter: Protection from contermination


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