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Continuous Monitoring Pulse Oximeter MD300W512


The ChoiceMed Sleep Monitor is a wrist pulse oximeter designed for all-night monitoring and self-diagnostics. The device is categorised as a professional grade sleep recorder intended for wrist measurement. This Sleep Monitor comes with high-capacity memory and can accurately detect single changes in just a second. This pulse oximeter is also ideal if you’re looking to screen obstructive sleep apnea symptoms such as sudden drops in blood oxygen levels during OSA events.



Continuous Monitoring Pulse Oximeter by ChoiceMed

ChoiceMMed MD300W512 is a professional sleep monitoring device designed for adult and pediatrics application. This accurate wrist pulse oximeter is compact and lightweight – a convenient and affordable way to receive ongoing real-time data on SpO2 and Pulse Rate. The oximeter is ideal for people who would like to screen obstructive sleep apnea symptoms in during sleep. The device can transmit the collected data to a computer for further review and analysis.



  • Professional sleep monitoring pulse oximeter device;
  • Compact and lightweight design;
  • Comfortable and easy to wear while sleeping;
  • Can be used for adults, teens and children;
  • Real-time data storage when operating;
  • Easy to transmit data to computer for review and analysis.


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