Inogen One G4 Carry bag.Inogen One G4 Carry bag.

Inogen One G4 Carry Bag


Carry your Inogen One G2 oxygen concentrator wherever you go! This convenient carry bag comes with a comfortable handle that will help you hold it in your hand. Also included is a strap to carry the device over your shoulder. Extra compartment is also provided allowing you to store and take along any additional accessories for your main unit.

  • Overheating protection
  • Control panel access without removing the carry bag
  • Carry as a shoulder bag or waist bag
  • Multiple carrying methods


Inogen One G4 Carry Bag

The Inogen One G4 carry bag will allow you to effortlessly carry your portable oxygen concentrator around on your shoulder by attaching it directly to the sides of the concentrator. The bag is also designed to protect the G4 from bumps, scratches and drops by providing an additional layer of padding.

The Inogen One G4 bag is designed to provide 2 separate carrying options for a more customizable fit using a carry strap (sold separately and also included with your G4 purchase). Now you can bring your G4 with this carry bag while keeping your vital oxygen concentrator tightly snuggled and protected at all times.

  • Protection from bumps, scratches, and minor drops
  • Quick access to the control panel without removing the bag
  • Multiple carrying options for a customizable fit
  • Prevents overheating
  • Reduces costly repairs
  • Built-in belt clip


To attach the shoulder strap place the concentrator in the carrying case and attach the strap clips to the sides of the G4. This way you can wear the carrying case over one shoulder or draped across both like a satchel.

The G4 carry bag also features a built-in belt clip. On the side of the carry bag there is a buttoned clip. All you need to do is attach the clip to the belt. Then you press down on the clip until you hear a “click”. Tha mean it is securely fastened and you’re good to go.

Overheating protection integrated

This Inogen carry bag is designed with built-in overheating protection. On the side there is a special mesh material that allows the airflow to quickly enter and exit, thus keeping the main unit cool at all times.

What’s more, the bag also features a quality mesh material covering the air inlet port so the machine can draw fresh air with ease.


Quick and easy installation

You won’t have to fiddle with the carry bag to insert or remove your G4. The G4 carry bag takes a seamless installation approach, that simply requires you to undo a buttoned clip, unzip the side zipper, insert the unit, refasten the buttoned clip and close the zipper, and you’re ready to go!


Quick Control Panel access without removing the bag

The clear protective cover located on the control panel allows you to effortlessly access the control panel without having to remove the G4 from the carry bag.



Q. How Many Carrying Methods Does the G4 Carry Bag Offer?

A. You can choose to wear the carry bag over your shoulders as a shoulder bag, or draped across your shoulders using the adjustable shoulder strap. The other option is to wear it around your belt using the integrated belt strap button.