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Krober O2 Oxygen Concentrator 6l/min, 93-95% Pure Oxygen, 3 Years Warranty. Made In Germany


The KRÖBER O2 oxygen concentrator is the ideal stationary solution for patients suffering from breathing difficulties. Easy to switch on and off, the O2 series is for patients requiring supplemental oxygen at home or in a hospital environment.

Oxygen Concentration: 95%
Oxygen Flow Rate: 1 – 6 l / min




Kröber O2 Oxygen Concentrator – 6 litre

The Kröber O2 Oxygen Concentrator is designed to help patients with congenital illnesses, smoking-related diseases or any other conditions that require undergoing oxygen therapy. The Kröber oxygen concentrator receives air and purifies it, after which it delivers it to the patient in the most purified form. Unlike oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators are fully autonomous units that do not require refill with oxygen as they absorb it from the air and transfer it to your blood stream.


The O2 model is really easy to use. It allows you to easily access the filters and other components whenever necessary. Regular servicing is also made hassle-free and intuitive. You can find all of the information on how to take care for and store your device in the provided instruction book.


The KRÖBER O2 oxygen concentrator comes with breathing tubes available in a variety of convenient sizes.


The quality standard is guaranteed by Kröber Medizintechnik, having over 25 years of experience on the highly competitive German market.


  • Up to 6 l/min
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Whisper quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Easily accessible filters and fuses
  • USB interface
  • Modern design and intuitive operation
  • Precise O2 sensor
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Affordable
  • 30.000 hours warranty for all functional parts
  • Made in Germany


Package includes:

  • Krober O2 Main Unit
  • Instructions
  • Refillable humidifier
  • Angular connector for humidifier
  • Nasal cannula 2m and 5m


Kröber Medizintechnik GmbH is a family-owned company specializing in the manufacture and sale of medical devices for the homecare sector since 1981. The German manufacturer has developed rapidly and has become the leader in oxygen therapy equipment thanks to the growing popularity of its medical technology.

Krober sprecializes in reliable oxygen concentrators of the highest grade. Known for being innovative, reliable and solid, the company’s product are now available globally, becoming the first choice of patients and caregivers looking for high-quality oxygen equipment for continuous therapy.


Express shipping available for all EU countries and the US


1-Day DHL Delivery available for 

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland


Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Operating power230V/50Hz
Operating temperature+10- +40
Power consumption350 W
Sound level35 dB
Noise level40 dB
Power consumption300 W
Dust filterIncluded (on the back)
Fine filterIncluded (under the removable cover)
Fusesmains 230V 2XTT2,5 A H 250V

internal 1XT1,0 A L 250V

Alarmstemperature, power failure, flow, oxygen, system
Weight19.8 kg
Dimensions535x203x520 mm (without rollers)
Manufacturer´s warranty30.000 operating hours (max. 5 years)
Flow adjustment0-2 l/min in 0,1 steps2-4 l/min in 0,2 steps

4-6 l/min in 0,5 steps

02-concentration1-4 l/min 95%

4-5 l/min 85%

5-6 l/min 75%



User guide



Do I need a doctor’s prescription to use the Kröber O2?

Just like other oxygen concentrators, you do not require a doctors prescription to use such a device at home, but it highly recommended that you have consulted with a doctor and have received instructions as to how to use it and the oxygen flow that would benefit your condition the most. Only use the Kröber O2 after a medical indication and only in compliance with the doctor’s orders by following their instructions for use


Is the Kröber O2 a good oxygen concentrator?

Being a German brand product made specifically for oxygen supply, the Kröber O2 has been developed on the
basis of the latest knowledge in both medical engineering and electronics. Permanent quality inspections ensure uniform quality on the highest level.

Where can I use the Kröber O2?

The Kröber O2 is a highly reliable oxygen concentrator , intended for use in homes or at home, as well as for clinical applications. However, should problems arise with the Kröber O2, you may contact your dealer at any

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