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Oxygen Concentrators For Ozone Sauna

Oxygen Concentrators For Ozone Sauna

Have you ever noticed that right after a thunderstorm the air has a specific pungent odor? You recognize the scent in the air as familiar, but not the same one that you smell every sunny day. This is the same scent ocean waves or waterfalls create, or when sunlight shines on snowy fields. That smell is of ozone – a gas that is produced during these specific natural phenomena. Today we will delve into an even more interesting phenomena, or procedure, called ozone therapy and how it is done properly in applications such as ozone sauna.

What is ozone sauna?

Ozone Sauna is a relatively new therapeutic technology that infuses oxygen through steam and hot air into the skin in a special cabin. Ozone sauna is primarily used to clear and detoxify the skin and the lymphatic system while simultaneously relaxing the muscles, boosting blood flow and eliminating viruses and bacteria.

What equipment do you need for an ozone sauna?

To create the right ozone sauna set, you need a steam sauna cabinet, an ozone generator, and an oxygen source. The oxygen source may be either an oxygen tank (less expensive but runs out of oxygen) or an Oxygen Concentrator (more expensive but more convenenient and reliable, as it never runs out of oxygen). If you opt for the more reliable option, that is, an oxygen concentrator will come fully assembled and ready to be connected to the generator right out of the box.

  • Hyperthermic chamber sauna cabinet
  • Ozone Generator
  • Oxygen Source (such as an oxygen concentrator)

Ozone sauna therapy can be done easily with the addition of a proper oxygen concentrator device that will generate pure supplemental oxygen during the process. In fact, oxygen concentrators can be used as part of any ozone therapy program, as well as for ozone sauna, ozone insufflations and more.


Philips Respironics oxygen concentrator for ozone sauna.


Percentage of oxygen purity: 90 to 96%

Oxygen Concentrators

When conducting ozone sauna therapy, you should match your ozone generator with an oxygen concentrators that will supply the generator with a high flow of oxygen – at least 90% of pure oxygen. One of the most compliant oxygen concentrators for this purpose is the famous Philips Respironics EverFlo – 5 LPM

Most oxygen concentrators provide a constant oxygen flow of 5LPM to 10 LMP (litres per minute) of continuous oxygen flow. It is best to use a brand new concentrator when doing ozone therapy with a generator: a tried-and-tested model that comes with years of warranty and all necessary accessories for proper O2 supply. You can opt for a refurbished one as well, so long as it comes with warranty and is not malfunctioning in any way.


Another great model that has been widely used for ozone sauna therapy is the Krober Aeroplus pictured below


Oxygen concentrator utilized in ozone sauna treatment.



Ozone therapy for medical use

When an oxygen molecule binds to a third oxygen atom, the result is a brand new ozone molecule. The addition of the oxygen atom creates a negatively charged molecule that wants to bind to positively charged molecules. Many of the dangerous, disease-causing cells that exist in our oral cavity and in our body have a negative charge. As ozone is attracted to these cells, it can effectively break through their shell and practically destroy them.

Ozone therapy uses ozone for medical purposes. This is a highly reactive form of pure oxygen, which aims to create a healing response in the body. The effects have been found to be both curative and detoxifying with the main purpose of suppressing infections in the body and stimulating the immune system.

To conduct ozone therapy, a highly reactive form of pure oxygen is used, which aims to create a healing response in the body. The body has the potential to renew and regenerate. When it gets sick, it’s because that potential is blocked. The reactive properties of ozone stimulate the body to do what is best – to heal.

The use of ozone should be part of a detox program and aimed at boosting natural immunity in most patients. The applications of ozone therapy is in a wide range of medical fields – from general medicine, vascular diseases, internal medicine, dentistry and neurology, orthopedics and traumatology, dermatology and much more.


Use of ozone in modern medicine

The application of ozone therapy is in the following wide range:

  • Stimulates the immune system in infectious diseases;
  • Improves cellular oxygen utilization, which reduces ischemia in cardiovascular disease;
  • Causes the release of growth hormones that stimulate the regeneration of damaged joints and degenerative discs;
  • It can dramatically reduce or even eliminate many cases of chronic pain by acting on pain receptors;
  • Therapeutic effects on interstitial cystitis, chronic hepatitis, herpes infections, dental infections, diabetes and macular degeneration have been studied and proven.


Is Ozone dangerous? CPAPEUROPA.COM


Ozone saunas are used as a part of a detoxification program aimed at cleansing and detoxifying the skin stimulating the sweat glands and increasing blood circulation. Undergoing steam sauna treatment with ozone molecules aims at exposing the skin to ozone particles through steam in order to open the pores and allow controlled amounts of ozone molecules into bloodstream. From there ozone can make its way to the fat and lymph tissue, thus cleansing the lymph tissue of toxins.


Other uses of ozone therapy

Steam hyperthermia, which utilizes ozone, is used as part of detoxification programs, immune system deficiencies, pain management, arthritis, cancer, metabolism boosting programs and more.


Looking for an oxygen concentrator to match with your ozone generator? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for recommendation. We are here to help!


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