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ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal CPAP Mask for Her

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AirFit N20 is one of the lightest and most comfortable nasal masks for women for CPAP therapy of Sleep Apnea. Designed for ultimate comfort and performance, what makes this CPAP mask truly exceptional is the many premium features including innovative cushion design, zero leakage functionality, and guaranteed perfect fit for 99.4% of patients’ faces.



ResMed AirFit ™ N20 for Her – The ultra-compact CPAP nasal mask

Often ranked as the best nasal mask for women, the AirFit N20 for Her takes lightweight design and comfort to a whole new level. Intelligently designed for the unique physiological facial features of women, the AirFit N20 for Her, moves with you while you sleep eliminating leakage and discomfort while fitting perfectly to your face contours.


  • Innovative cushion technology
  • Perfect seal and performance in every position
  • Unbeatable comfort and freedom of movements
  • Modern adaptive design, featuring magnetic clips for easy fitting

With AirFit’s novel design, featuring magnetic clips and quick-release elbow make this best-selling mask for sleep apnea adaptable to any patient’s face. The innovative technology ensures both wearing comfort and the feeling of freedom throughout the entire night. ResMed AirFit N20 for Her is easy to use, discreet and suitable for all forms of sleep therapy. The compact ResMed nasal mask AirFit ™ N20 is particularly easy to adjust. It is extra suitable for users who breathe through the nose. Thanks to the advanced technology and a well thought-out design, high wearing comfort and a sense of freedom are guaranteed.

Exceptional Fit

According to an international study, the ResMed AirFit N20 for Her fits 99.4% of all patients. Thanks to the silicone pad, AirFit N20 adapts to any face shape and size, ensuring a reliable seal.


The advanced silicone pad adapts to your movements, improving comfort and safety throughout the night. 88% of patients find the AirFit N20 more convenient and user-friendly than the traditional market leading nasal mask.

Easy to use

With such a simple mask (magnetic locks, quick release system), customizing and cleaning becomes a child’s play.

Free field of view

As the frame extends below the eyes, the contact with the face is minimal so the field of vision is unrestricted. The wearer sees more, has more freedom of movement, and feels more much comfortable as compared to lesser nasal masks.

More freedom of movement

Thanks to the short hose that connects the elbow with the device hose, you can move better.

High-quality materials

The flexible frame is covered with a fluffy material throughout, making it feel very comfortable on the skin and comfortable to wear all night long.

Effective therapy

The mask is ideal for use with high-pressure, BiLevel and NIV therapies as well as conventional CPAP therapy.

Mask cleaning & maintenance

CPAP masks are usually exposed to a humid and warm climate during use. This allows bacteria, sweat, grease and other dirt particles to quickly deposit on the mask. For the daily cleaning of your mask, please observe the procedure in the corresponding chapter “Cleaning” in the attached instructions for use.



AirFit F20 Full-Face Mask available!

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

SKU / Product code range63509 63511 63512
Mask SizeLarge, Medium, Small
Mask TypeNasal Cushion
Cushion & Seal MaterialSilicone
Replaceable Seal/CushionYes
Humidifier RequiredOptional
Forehead SupportNo
Chin SupportNo
Exhalation ValveYes
Oxygen/Pressure PortNo
Flexible Mask BodyYes
Storage Bag/Box SuppliedNo
Headgear IncludedYes
Headgear Attachment MethodMagnetic Pins
Crown StrapRemovable
Headgear Adjustment Points5
Manufacturer’s Warranty90 days




Q. Why are there nasal masks designed specifically for women?
A. CPAP masks for sleep apnea treatment for women are designed to fit the individual facial features of women. The For her model are designed lighter and smaller than the men’s models. The masks also include a brand new algorithm that responds to female-specific characteristics of obstructive sleep apnea.

Q. Is ResMed AirFit N20 for Her compatible with any CPAP machine?

Yes, AirFit N20 for Her is fully compatible with all CPAP machines, including Resmed AirMini, which can be used only with N20, P10 and F20 masks.

Q. Can I use the ResMed AirFit N20 mask while side sleeping?
A. You can. Thanks to the InfinitySeal cushion and tight fitting, N20 performs exceptionally well and minimizes leakage when side sleeping.

Q. What should I do if my ResMed AirFit N20 starts leaking?
A. Leaks may occur when your mask’s seal is compromised by improper sizing, incorrect fitting or movement while asleep. The upper strap adjustment is the key to seal and comfort. Be sure to choose the right size of mask before purchasing it. Before using the mask, please read the fitting guide we provide on this page.

Q. How to make sure my ResMed AirFit N20 is a perfect fit?
A. The AirFit N20 mask provides a perfect fit to 99.4% of patients’ faces. To make sure that your mask is placed correctly, you can watch ResMed’s fitting tutorial video here.

Q. Is ResMed AirFit N20 easy to put on and remove?
A. Yes, this mask is easy to put on and remove from your face. Consult your fitting guide if you are not sure what is the best way for putting the mask on your face. When removing it, just twist and pull both magnetic clips away from the frame then pull the mask away from your face and back over your face.

Q. How do I clean my ResMed AirFit N20 mask?
A. To preserve the mask, always make sure to follow the cleaning instructions and use a mild liquid detergent when cleaning our mask as some cleaning product may damage it or leave harmful residual vapours that you could inhale.

Q. How should I store my Resmed AirFit N20 mask?
A. Before storing it away, ensure that your mask is completely clean. Store it it in a dry, dark place to preserve it best.

Spare parts

Spare parts

AirFit N20 for Her spare parts

Frame for Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed AirFit N10
Silicone Cushion Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed AirFit N10 for her
Headgear for Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed AirFit N10 for her

Sizing & Fitting

Sizing & Fitting

Sizing guide

To ensure perfect fit, please donwload Resmed’s sizing guide here and print it to scale.

Once you have your sizing guide printed, stand in front of a mirror and hold the guide to your face, trialing each sizing option.

The most comfortable sizing option will provide your best fit.


Fitting your AirFit N20 requires the following steps:

1. Unclip the magnetic clips.

2. Hold the mask against your face and gently pull the headgear over your head.

3. Each of the magnets should be placed so as to meet their corresponding clips on the mask’s frame.

4. Adjust the tabs on the upper headgear.

5.  Adjust the tabs on the lower headgear.

6. With your device still switched off, connect your device tubing to your mask elbow.

7. Connect the elbow to your mask.

8. Switch on your therapy device.

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  1. Anne D

    I love this mask!! It is the only one I am comfortable to sleep with. It does not leak, does not leave any red marks and is so so soft. I recoment it to every woman that is struggling with finding a good mask.

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