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ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask


The ResMed Quattro Air full face CPAP mask is made of only 4 easy-to-assemble parts, which makes cleaning the mask a breeze. The Quattor Air boasts ResMed’s patented Spring Air cushion that effectively reduces the exerted pressure on your face. If you are looking for a high-performance mask providing outstanding seal and comfort during your sleep apnea therapy, then look no further than the Quattro Air!



ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask

Introducing the Quattro Air, ResMed’s new full face mask designed to drift you off to a serene night’s sleep! The lightest full face mask available on the market, the Quattor Air comes 45% lighter than the previous models, boasting improved comfort and convenience while being extremely easy to clean and maintain in top condition.


  • Enhanced dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion;
  • SoftEdge™ headgear;
  • Flex-wing forehead support;
  • Circular diffused vent;
  • One-piece elbow assembly;
  • Easy use and maintenance;
  • Only 4 parts;
  • Extra lightweight frame;
  • Flex-wing forehead support;
  • Spring Air™ Dual wall cushion design

Unprecedented comfort 
Thanks to the patented Spring Air™ cushion and dual wall design, the Quattro Air is comfortable and provides a gentle fit during sleep apnea therapy.

Simple yet powerful design
Made of just 4 parts in total, the ResMed Quattro Air full-face CPAP\BiPAP mask is a snap to assemble and clean.

The circular diffused venting of the ResMed Quattro redirects the exhaled air away from your face and your partner, creating a quiet and peaceful sleeping environment for both of you.

The flex-wing forehead support provides stability and a dependable seal while feeling light on your face.


Package includes:

ResMed Quattro Air Mask in Selected Size

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Full faceYes
Cushion materialSilicone Elastomer
Replaceable cushionYes
Headgear quick clipsNo
Gel cushionNo
Forehead supportYes
Mask cushion TypeSilicone
Frame materialNylon
Elbow materialNylon; Polypropylene; Thermoplastic Elastomer; Silicone Elastomer
Headgear materialNylon / Lycra; Polyurethane Foa
Therapy Pressure Range3 to 40 cmwp
Machine Mask Setting“Full Face” or “Mir Full”


User guide



Q. Is the Quattro Air for him suitable for mouth breathing users?
A. Yes, this model is specifically designed to be suitable for a large majority of sleep apnea patients, including ones that breathe from the mouth while sleeping.

Q. Will I feel claustrophobic using the ResMed Quattro Air?
A. No, the mask is very compact and light. It is suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia.

Q. Can the ResMed Quattro Air be used by women patients?
A. No, the Quattro Air for him is designed specifically for male users. The Quattro Air For Her is the model which is designed to be used by women.

Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide

Fitting Template

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  1. Avatar

    Hans N.

    Very good quality mask, it helps me sleep. Very good price as well.

  2. Avatar

    Ole R.

    5 stars mask. So soft, lightweight, comfortable and easy to disassemble!

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