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Devilbiss Sleepcube Auto Plus with Smart Flex


The Devilbiss SleepCube comes with a unique patented exhalation relief technology called SmartFlex. Designed to reduce pressure during exhalation, SmartFlex makes breathing more natural and comfortable. With this superior CPAP machine you receive quiet operation, compact design and the option to add a convenient humidifier, making this auto adjustment CPAP device an all-round solution for sleep apnea treatment.



DeVilbiss SleepCube with SmartFlex – CPAP machine

The SleepCube with SmartFlex features Devilbiss’ patented Flow Rounding™ technology. The device allows for independent adjustment of IPAP and EPAP transitions, featured on the DeVilbiss BiLevel devices for over a decade. Now you can enjoy a comfortable therapy with breathing against prescribed CPAP pressure. Additionally, you can now adjust the pressure waveform during the transition from prescription pressure to the SmartFlex setting and vice-versa, enabling a smooth transition between different levels of pressure.


  • Adjustable apnea/hypopnea detection
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • Pressure Ramp
  • SmartCode compliance tracking
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Reminder Alert
  • Backlit LCD
  • Easy-to-Follow CPAP user Menu
  • Battery Backup Option
  • SmartFlex Technology


SmartFlex – more natural and comfortable exhalation

SmartFlex offers 3 pressure comfort settings, each one equating to an exact 1 cm H20 drop in pressure upon exhalation. The drop in pressure will last the entire duration of exhalation. SmartFlex suspends operation every time the flow generator senses an apnea event (insufficient respiration). What’s more, SmartFlex is available during ramp delay, unlike other competitive CPAP devices on the market.

The unique exhalation relief function SmartFlex offers three separate levels of customizable pressure reduction as well as six rounding options to optimize the transition between inhalation to exhalation.

What the function does is lower the exhalation pressure by 1cmH20 per level (up to 3 cmH20). This allows the patient to breathe easier against their therapy pressure. This IntelliPAP device prevents the sleeper from experiencing adverse IPAP/EPAP pressure changes, as pressure drops during exhalation often increase back to the prescribed therapy setting, which can negatively affect the patient’s sleep cycle. SmartFlex makes pressure comfort technology virtually seamless thanks to its rounding function.


SmartCode RX

  • SmartCode technology provides insightful data used to determine a patient’s compliance and monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy
  • No data card or modem required


SmartCode is a fast and easy way to keep an eye on your treatment without purchasing additional software. No card or software required, SmartCode provides reliable feedback starting the day after your first treatment. SmartCode messages will be displayed on your SleepCube’s LCD screen with just a few clicks of a button. Each message is a uniquely encrypted code displaying the results of your sleep therapy. The IntelliPAP functionality confirms compliance using the Adherence Score. Doctors then use the Adherence percentage score to determine whether the patient’s personal treatment is compliant with CPAP LCD (Local Coverage Determination). Codes can be generated for the following calendar schedule:


  • 1 Day
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 90 Days
  • Cumulative


SmartFlex can be locked or unlocked for patients to make adjustments
Provides the highest level of unique customization of all solutions available
SmartFlex is featured on the IntelliPAP® Standard Plus and IntelliPAP® AutoAdjust®

2 year warranty

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

SKU / Product code rangeDV54UK
Pressure Range3-20 cm H2O (.5 increments)
RAMP Time0 to 45 min (5 min increments)
Dimensions10.66 x 16.5 x 17.5 cm
Weight1.25 kg
On-Board MemoryTherapy Data – 90 Days; Usage Data – 3 years
Altitude CompensationAutomatic
Distant monitoringYes
Electrical Requirements100 – 240 AC, 12V DC
Available in Auto Adjust and CPAP ModelsYes
# Selectable Pressure Relief Levels3
Relative Vs. Exact Pressure DropExact
Increment of Pressure Relief Levels1cm H20
Independent Inspiratory and Expiratory Transitions6 Settings for Each
Duration of Pressure DropThroughout Exhalation
Relief Disengagement in the Absence of Sufficient Breath*Yes
Delay Mode OnlyYes


Q. How do I interpret the SmartCode I see on my screen? 
A. The messages your DeVilbiss SleepCube displays on the scree is a uniquely encrypted code with the results of your sleep therapy. The codes can be interpreted by your doctor to determine if you are in compliance with Local Coverage Determination (LCD).

Q. Is the DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus noisy?
A. No, SleepCube has the same noise levels as other premium CPAP machines on the market — 26 dB – 27 dB.

Q. Does DeVilbiss SleepCube come with a mask?

A. No, CPAP masks are sold seperately.

Q. Does  DeVilbiss SleepCube come with distant monitoring?

A. No, this model does not include distant sleep apnea treatment monitoring by a healthcare provider.

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