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Transcend Auto Travel CPAP


One of the smallest Auto CPAP devices available on the market, the Transcend Auto CPAP with EZEX is an outstanding auto-adjusting sleep apnea machine designed to pioneer a new standard in affordability and comfort while traveling.

The Transcend Auto CPAP is a compact and ultra light portable machine designed for travel enthusiasts and patients leading an active lifestyle. This widely popular automatic CPAP device comes with the Transcend’s air bearing blower technology (EZEX) for quiet and vibration free operation. If you’re looking for big features packed in a stunningly small package, then look no further than this premium mini device from Transcend.

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Transcend Auto Portable/Travel CPAP Machine

The core of the Transcend Auto Portable CPAP Machine is the one-of-a-kind air bearing blower tech called EZEX. Ensuring quiet and vibration-free sleep apnea therapy at the remarkably low 29 dB sound level, the Transcend AUTO CPAP is a must have if you seek a miniature device to take on your next travel adventure without discontinuing your therapy.

The Transcend Auto miniCPAP Machine with EZEX features a highly accurate pressure relief system that detects and adjusts pressure on a breath by breath basis. In addition, the device automatically adjusts for up to 8,000 feet of altitude, while its precise AHI and leak detection reports events giving you a peace of mind wherever you go with your CPAP.

  • Small and light CPAP
  • Quiet and vibration free operation
  • Patented Transcend EZEX pressure relief technology
  • Fully TranSync compatible
  • Compatible with virtually every Mask
  • Automatic pressure adjustments
  • Auto Altitude Adjustment
  • Easy maintenance filter

Remarkably quiet and compact design with an integrated vibration-free blower

The sound output of Transcend miniCPAP is only 26.6 dBA, placing it in the same category as higher-range travel CPAPs.

Reduced weight

The device weighs less than one pound, making it easy to pack and take away from home!

Solar battery charger and DC mobile power adaptor

One of the most popular features of this portable CPAP is the two battery options: a solar battery charger and a DC mobile power adaptor designed to make mobile therapy a breeze!

Battery backup

The Battery backup power allows you to use either a P4 Overnight Battery or a P8 Multinight Battery as an automatic battery backup. An optional mobile power adaptor is available for purchase separately.

If a power outage occurs, the Transcend ATUO will switch automatically between AC and DC power. Simple to set up and use right out of the box! Just plug the Transcend’s power supply into the wall and plug the the AC power supply into the Transcend Battery pack (sold separately).

Historical therapy data

Therapy Data is available up to 13 months back. Transcend’s TranSync technology makes it for you to track your progress everywhere you go. The TranSync is completely free (no monthly subscription required). Now you can share your sleep apnea treatment data with physicians or healthcare providers. All you have to do is register for your TranSync Homecare Provider account at www.MyTranSync.com


Included in this package:

Transcend Auto Portable CPAP System
Universal Hose Adapter
Travel bag
Standard 6-Foot CPAP Hose
Universal AC Power Supply
CD containing software
CD containing user manuals
Quick start guide
USB Cable

2-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Auto CPAPYes
Portable / Travel CPAPYes
Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O
Dimensions89mm H x 71mm W x 155mm L
Weight4.26 kg.
Operating Sound Level26.6 dBA
Electrical Ratings100-240 VAC; 50-60Hz, 19 VDC, 2.6Amp
EZEK Pressure Relief3 levels
Altitude CompensationAutomatic
Automatic TitrationYes
AltitudeAutomatic altitude adjustment ≤ 8,000
EZEX Pressure Relief SettingsOff, 1, 2, 3
Ramp Operation0 to 45 min + 25% time variance
Compliance InformationAHI & leak detect and Total therapy hours
Dimensions6.1 in x 3.5 in x 2.8 in
Weight.94 lbs
Sound level29 dB
Warranty2 Years




Q. What is a portable CPAP?
A portable CPAP device is machine designed to treat symptoms of sleep apnea in any environment. Also known as travel CPAPs, portable devices are small in size and light enough to carry with you. Delivering Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), these kinds of portable devices are ideal for using them outdoors or when on the road.

 Q. Does the Transcend Auto miniCPAP come with a humidifier?
A. Unfortunately, no. Transcend’s Heated Humidifiers are sold separately. They can be used with your Transcend series CPAP machine for premium comfort.

Q. Is the Transcend AUTO water proof?
A. No. Do not allow any water or other forms of liquid to enter your device. Your Transcend AUTO travel CPAP also should be kept away from environmental conditions where the device can get wet.

Q. Is a mobile adapter included in the package?
A. A mobile adapter is available for purchase separately and is not included in the Transcend Portable AUTO CPAP package.

Q. Is the Transcend AUTO noisy during the night?
A. No, the device’s sound levels are only 19 dB, which makes it very quiet during sleep apnea therapy at night.

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