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Why to Replace CPAP Mask Parts On a Regular Basis

Why to Replace CPAP Mask Parts On a Regular Basis

Why to replace CPAP mask parts on a regular basis

Did you know that even if you’re using your CPAP machine every night, you might not be getting the most out of your sleep apnea therapy? Without proper cleaning and scheduled replacement of your CPAP mask parts, you will not be getting optimal results, which would instantly affect your daily life. Here are the top three reasons you should be regularly replacing your CPAP supplies.

CPAP mask parts are integral component of your therapy. Think of them like the important parts of your car – they must maintained in optimal condition for the vehicle to run safely. The same holds true for your CPAP mask parts, that is, if you want your sleep apnea therapy to run smoothly and not be compromised from a worn down or defective component, you’d want those cushions, headgear, tubes and frames to be in top condition.

Here are to main reasons to replace your CPAP mask parts regularly

If your mask parts are worn down, they will immediately affect your masks performance, which would definitely impact your night’s sleep. A recent Resmed study 1 showed that 70% of sleep apnea sufferers who replaced their mask parts reported a significant improvement in the quality of sleep. Those who did not do so and waited a year before replacing the most important parts of their masks, reported sleeping half an hour less every single night. This deprivation ceased immediately upon replacement, says the study.

Getting better sleep

Getting better sleep (elusive during the times before you started your CPAP therapy) comes with a range of daytime perks you should not be missing on,  especially because of a worn down or malfunctioning mask part that has been holding your zzz time back. By simply improving your quality of sleep you would be getting more energy during the day, allowing you to exercise more, better concentrate and improve your overall health by a significant margin.

“Every minute of extra sleep matters, and a worn down mask part can reduce that by up to 30 minutes!” – Gregory Bertrand, CPAPEUROPA.COM

Higher quality of life and guaranteed comfort

People who replace their CPAP mask parts as instructed by their sleep therapist, start to notice more energy during the day, not to mention improved comfort during the night. In short – you sleep longer and better; and your significant other also appreciates that fact. Getting out of bed fully rested and energized pays off in terms of a more satisfied life, better performance at work, and better relationship with your significant other.

Why sleep apnea sufferers sometimes do not replace their gear

The main reason of procrastinating to replace a CPAP mask part (even if it is worn down or broken) is attributed to several popular reasons. First and foremost, is the cost of replacement. CPAP masks are not cheap and neither are their parts. The important thing to understand here, though, is that these parts are vital for effective sleep apnea therapy – just like a new brake pad or rotor is vital for braking properly and not risking your life. The cost of CPAP masks can be significantly reduced if you have a trusted CPAP supplier that offers your needed mask parts at discounted prices. This way you can afford to regularly replace your mask gear without breaking the bank.

Other reason for not replacing your CPAP mask parts when they should be replaced are:

  • You don’t think it is necessaryAbout 30% of the people surveyed think that their CPAP mask parts last longer than what the manual tells them. They often don’t take into account how many hours they sleep with the mask, how they maintain it clean (what products or chemical they use to clean it), as well as many other external factors playing vital role in the everyday exploitation of the mask. No matter what these are, one thing is for sure — the mask parts, just like other things, will deteriorate as time goes. Oil from your face will also wear down the mask just like the necessity to clean it every morning. The frame can eventually crack and tear, the filters will eventually become clogged and stop filtering, the cushion will start to leak, etc. That’s why it is so important to not procrastinate and replace these parts as soon as you notice a visible sign of deterioration;
  • You forgetAround 10% of the people surveyed say they forget to change their parts regularly. That’s why if you notice a deterioration, make sure to set a reminder to replace the part as soon as possible. Your significant other can also keep track scheduled replacements and remind you when the time comes to do so.


This blog post provides general information about medical conditions and potential treatments. The publications are not intended as medical advice and should not be deemed such. Always consult your doctor before making decisions about your health, especially decisions related to your sleep apnea treatment.


1 Study conducted for ResMed by third party market research firm (April 2015).

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