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BMC G3 Auto CPAP System (A20) with Humidifier

From:  570.00

BMC G3 Auto CPAP System (G3 A20) is a brand new generation of auto-adjusting pressure device with humidifier and powerful data transfer at a budget price!

BMC P2H Mask



BMC G3 Auto CPAP System (A20) is the brand new generation of auto-adjusting pressure device with a modern design and a user friendly interface at a budget price!



Modern design with a user friendly interface

  • Brand new humidifier design keeps the G3 compact and attractive.
  • Innovative PUSH water chamber is simple to use

Water can be added without removing the water chamber for ease of use

  • Humanized UI Design
  • One button access to frequently used features

A 3.5” screen displays real-time data in full color.

  • Accessory and supply reminder keeps your treatment healthy and effective.
  • G3 has a clock, temperature and humidity monitor on stand-by, multi-purpose for convenience.

Intelligent comfort features



  • The G3 series has a pre-heat feature, to warm your humidifier water up for ultimate comfort during cold, dry weather.
  • BMC uses multi-stage noise reduction technology to ensure noise performance under 28 dB(A).

Effective Performance

  • Intelligent Pressure Adjusting Technology – Smart CG3 can automatically adjust treatment plan based on changes in patient needs. Care is closer to you with reduced costly visits to the doctors.
  • Smart C (CPAP mode) Optimizes the treatment pressure every 5 days according to AHI and SNI.
  • PM2.5 filter box
  • Extra sensitive users can filter finer dust and allergens with the PM2.5 filter box.
  • SpO2 sensor
  • Finger sleeve type
  • Finger clip type

Various way of reviewing Sleep Report

  • Quick Report through Device Screen
  • PAP Link App
  • Cloud Platform
  • iCode web version (
  • RESmart nPAP Data Analysis Software (PC software)
  • RESmart Software web version (


Complete optional accessories
G3 adopts a series of complete accessories to meet different usage scenarios and needs

  • SpO2 Kit
  • Cellular / WiFi Module
  • Heated Tubing
  • PM2.5 Filter Box

In the box:

  • BMC G3 Auto CPAP
  • Humidifier
  • Tubing
  • Power Supply
  • Travel Bag
  • Filter
  • Manuals


Technical features

Technical features


G3 C20G3 A20
Working mode & functionsCPAPCPAP,AutoCPAP
Advanced event detectionCSA Detection
Comfort features
Auto Ramp✔️✔️
Auto Humidifier✔️✔️
Auto Heated Tubing✔️✔️
Reslex (Expiration Pressure Release)✔️✔️
Smart C✔️✔️
Smart A✔️
SD card✔️✔️
RESmart nPAP Data Analysis Software✔️✔️
iCode QR✔️✔️
iCode QR+✔️✔️
PAP Link App✔️✔️
iCode Web Version✔️✔️
Built-in cellular / WiFi module✔️✔️
Cloud Platform✔️✔️



Reviews (3)


  1. anders

    the main reason I purchased this machine was the price. It was sighnificantly cheaper than the rest and I couldnt afford them. I can say that I am happy with the CPAP. It does a great job and I really like that I can see the treathment info. All in all, it is perfect especially at this price.

  2. Lorenzo K.

    I have this machine for a couple of months now and I was surprised how well it works and how quiet it is. The only drawback for me is its interface. Kind of complex compared to resmed 10 menus.

  3. Sam

    Best price for the BMC G3 and fast delivery, thank you!

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