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ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face Mask

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The AirFit F30 is the newest addition in ResMed’s lineup of performance CPAP masks engineered for minimal contact with the patient face. ResMed’s latest QuietAir vent makes this mask one of the quietest out there – as quiet as the ambient noise in the bedroom. What’s more the F30 comes with magnetic clips that help the user to put on and take off the mask hassle free.



ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face Mask

The F30 Full-Face CPAP Mask comes with a one-size-fits-all headgear to guarantee that perfect, tight fit you’ve grown to expect from the ResMed.


  • Engineered with a smaller full face mask design;
  • Sits low on the face and covers less of it for fewer facial marks;
  • Feel more confident around loved ones with a simple, modern look;
  • Ideal mask for wearing glasses, sleeping on your side;
  • Feel less claustrophobic while enjoying a full-face CPAP mask.

No more red marks

The F30’s design provides a minimal facial contact. Now your can wake up without the red, experiencing fewer facial marks that you would with a traditional full face CPAP mask. In addition, the F30 comes with an UltraCompact cushion that seal the mask tightly under the nose, preventing top-of-the-nose soreness and irritation.


Recent studies have shown that the ResMed AirFitTM F30 has become the most preferred mask of its kind. The majority of CPAP users found the mask easier to use and significantly more comfortable than other best-selling minimal-contact full face masks.

Quiet and peaceful therapy

The F30 Full-Face CPAP masks is engineered quieter and designed to cause fewer sleep disruptions caused by noisy vent flow. The mask features small, multidirectional openings spread over a widespread area. The vent technology in the ResMed QuietAir elbow dissipates the exhaled air and spreads out quietly.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications



User manual



Q. How quiet is the F30 Full Face mask?
A. It is really quiet as vent technology and special elbow design and small, multi-directional openings do their job as intended.  The vent technology in the ResMed QuietAir™ elbow breaks up exhaled air so it’s spread out lightly.

Q. Will I get facial marks in the morning with the AirFit F30?
A. This mask is carefully designed to minimize facial marks by sitting lower on your face. The minimal mask-to-face contact design and UltraCompact cushion seals securely under your nose and prevents nose soreness and irritation. so you you’re looking to get fewer facial mask when on CPAP therapy, this mask is definitely the ticket.

Q. Is AirFit F30 compatible with any CPAP machine?
A. Yes, the ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face mask is built to work with all CPAP/BiPAP and VPAP units for sleep apnea therapy.

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