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BMC FM1A Full Face CPAP Mask

 105.00 (Free EU/UK Shipping)

The BMC FM1A full face CPAP mask provides maximum comfort, thanks to its slide-in design and dual-wall cushion design that easily adjusts to accommodate your face and ensure perfect fit with minimal pressure points at the same time!

  • Stay Simple: With the 5 parts of FM1A, you can assemble it instantly.Less parts, more convenience.
  • Indulge Your Vision: With a wider range of vision, FM1A helps you to experience a more unlimited view.



BMC FM1A Full Face Mask for CPAP or BPAP devices

Superior performance delivers maximum comfort. With a lighter design and effective treatment, FM1A will offer you and your family a good night’s sleep.

Ultra comfort

A dual-wall cushion will significantly fit your face with minimal pressure points. The slide-in design provides you with a high-level seal and effective treatment.

Friendly usability

Thanks to its 5 parts compact design, you can reassemble it instantly. Fewer parts, more convenience.

Visual Freedom

With the unique design, your vision is totally released and you will have the chance to enjoy the world as well as therapy.

Sizing guide

Sizing guide

BMC F1A Full Face Mask for CPAP BPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea

Reviews (2)


  1. Gerfried K.

    I always had troubles finding a decent mask. However, this one is better than expected. If you are an open mouth sleeper, I recommend it. It is a bit big but very light so it is not a problem. There is no leakage, which is what I was looking for. Getting a good night sleep with it.

  2. Salvatore A.

    Got it becase I read a lot of positive reviews but it does not work very well for me. I do not feel very comfortable but at least it does not leak.

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